First Transnational Meeting in Seville (Spain)

Volunteer Coordinators are the professionals who work in voluntary organisations managing the work of volunteers. The profession of Volunteer Coordinator is gaining recognition thanks to the increasing demand for this job profile. However, as many other new professions, there is a lack of high quality training opportunities. There are no specific educational pathways to become a Volunteer Coordinator.

In this context, five organisations from five European countries have joined forces in the VolunCET project to develop the first open and multilingual online training course for Volunteer Coordinators in Europe.

Between 21st and 23rd November, the five partner organisations of the VolunCET project met in Seville (Spain) for the first project meeting.

The first day of the meeting began with a warm welcome from Armando Rotea, President of the Andalusian platform of volunteering, who congratulated the delegates from the partner organisations for their commitment to improving the quality and accessibility of training for Volunteer Coordinators in Europe.

The delegates used the first project meeting to set strong foundations for the work of the partnership. In particular, they worked on the development of the training content, reviewing the work done so far by each partner organisation and sharing feedback and advice to help each other.

The next step will be to finalise the development of the online training content before the second project meeting in Krakow (Poland), planned for May 2017. During the meeting in Krakow, the delegates from the partner organisations will prepare for the next project activity, the testing of the online training course with Volunteer Coordinators from five countries.