Second Transnational Meeting in Krakow (Poland)

Between 10th and 14th May, the five partner organisations of the VolunCET project met in Krakow (Poland) for the second meeting of the VolunCET project. 

For this project, the partners aim to provide Volunteer Coordinators with high quality training opportunities by developing the first open and multilingual online training course for Volunteer Coordinators in Europe. 

The delegates used this project meeting to evaluate the training content developed so far by each partner organisation and sharing feedback and advice to help each other. 

The next step will be to finalise the development of the online training content before the third project meeting in Rome (Italy), planned for September 2017. During the meeting in Rome, the delegates from the partner organisations will prepare for the next project activity, the testing of the online training course with Volunteer Coordinators from five countries.