The project

Volunteer Coordinators are the professionals who work in voluntary organisations managing the work of volunteers.

The profession of Volunteer Coordinator is gaining recognition thanks to the increasing demand for this job profile. However, as many other new professions, there is a lack of high quality training opportunities. There are no specific educational pathways to become a Volunteer Coordinator. The work of Volunteer Coordinators requires them to manage volunteers which, by definition, are working on their free time and for no financial gain. Training materials from other sectors are difficult to apply to Volunteer Coordinators as those training materials do not cover all the skills and competences Volunteer Coordinators need. As a result, most of the training is provided by the employers, the voluntary organisations. This means that a Volunteer Coordinator employed by a big voluntary organisation can access to better training opportunities than those working in small and medium-sized voluntary organisations which represent the majority of the European voluntary sector. Therefore, the majority of employed Volunteer Coordinators have no access to training opportunities to acquire the skills and competences they need.

In this context, the objective of the project is to respond to the identified training needs of professional Volunteer Coordinators in Europe by giving them access to high quality training through C-VET. To achieve this, the project partners will develop the first open and multilingual online training course for professional Volunteer Coordinators in Europe.